Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn Lucis Caelum, also known as Ardyn Izunia, is Final Fantasy XV’s main villain. He is a savvy, hilarious, intelligent, and occasionally handsome man who controls the Niflheim Empire’s political activities for Iedolas Aldercapt. Ardyn also seems to be a major opponent in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. He is in charge of expanding Verstael’s Magitek Ground troops, which he uses to boost Niflheim’s power. Ardyn is portrayed as an anti-hero in Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, with Bahamut disclosed to be the main villain of the game and its expanded universe.

In Japanese, he was voiced by the late Keiji Fujiwara, and in English by Darin De Paul.

Concept and Design: Ardyn Izunia

His design, which was originally created by Italian artist Roberto Ferrari for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the predecessor to Final Fantasy XV, stood out among the other cast mates, with one significant feature being the fedora he wore. He is displayed as an extraordinary villain because he actively assists Noctis in his search early in the game’s story, despite the fact that it finally serves his thirst for revenge. Ardyn is written to be more adversarial in the second half of the game, actively enjoying taunting Noctis and his affiliates. with everything in his life serving his desire for vengeance and anguish Noctis The Episode Ardyn DLC chapter delves deeper into the origins of his sadistic character.

Ardyn’s character received mostly positive reviews from critics. While many critics praised his antagonistic relationship with Noctis in Final Fantasy XV’s main plot, others felt he was not introduced as an impactful villain. The exploration of his backstory in Episode Ardyn and its tie-in special has also received positive feedback.

Personality: Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn Izunia was a caring and optimistic guy who tried to protect Eos from Starscourge using peaceful methods, mending all those who were contaminated despite being aware of the Starscourge’s effect on him. Although his relationship with his brother had grown tense over the decades, he still cared too much for him to give him the opportunity to step down. He also adored and idolised his fiancée Aera to the point where her loss caused him to totally change.

Ardyn Izunia
Best of Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn, in the end, is a self destructive man intensely broken by the disloyalty of Somnus and the persons he once care deeply for, the dying of Aera, and aggrieved by how all he had done was to make him a helpless bystander just for humanity, with this being the primary reason for his dark humour and all his cold hearted behaviour being purely to accomplish his revenge and find solace in death as the only intent.

Power and Abilities: Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn hides his actual abilities very successfully under his light-hearted and fatuous mask, with his exceptional intellectual ability easily ranking as maybe the best in the entire Final Fantasy series, until the subsequent parts of the game.

He is also an outstanding politician, as evidenced by his consistent way of handling Niflheim’s political activities, including convincing Lucis to sign the false agreement. With his awareness of Daemons as well as the Lucian Caelum, he was able to significantly progress the Magitek innovation used by Nifleheim.

He is also a skilled driver, stating that, while his red car isn’t as innovative as the Regalia, it has never faltered to deliver him to his destination and has guided Noctis and his entourage to the Meteor of the Six.

Ardyn Izunia
Impact of Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn is able to perform strong magic such as striking down bolts of thunder, summoning a massive blizzard, resulting blasts, and conjuring a swirling blaze of fire, all without the use of Magic Flasks or the collection of primal energy from reserves.


  • Ardyn is among the few Final Fantasy antagonists who does not undergo transformation during the final fight.
  • His presence when shedding daemon blood is most evocative of rock artist Alice Cooper’s stage face paint.
  • Ardyn’s transformation of Emperor Aldercapt into a cruel, power-hungry emperor is reminiscent of Kuja’s transformation of Queen Brahne into such an evil, power-hungry ruler in Final Fantasy IX.

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