Goodbye Trump Meme

As the web begins to anticipate President Donald Trump exiting the Executive Mansion in Jan, memes and parodies have sprung out in response to his irrational reaction to the election results (Goodbye Trump Meme).

During a media briefing, Trump made several bogus assertions about voting fraud and corruption, to the point where various news networks cut him off. In a message that was criticized for being deceptive, he erroneously announced his win once more on Twitter.

Because of Trump’s outlandish conduct, social media users have created memes and parody films depicting how he could behave if he is made to evacuate the White House.

Donald Trump: Bio – Goodbye Trump Meme

Donald John Trump had been born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. Fred Trump, his father, was a successful property developer. Trump’s father was of German ancestry, while his spouse, Mary McLeod, was of Scottish ancestry. Donald was indeed among the youngest of the family’s five children. He began attending York Military Academy as well as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance & Commerce. He was lured to real estate & construction even before he graduated, and as a young man, he took over his father’s business and renamed it just the Trump Organization.

Trump: Career – Goodbye Trump Meme

The Trump Organization quickly expanded into a variety of projects, involving hotels, resorts, residential & business structures, casinos, even golf courses, both in the United States and abroad. “The Art of the Deal” his debut book, was released in 1987. He created the Apprentice in 2004 and it was a famous television show that aired till 2015.

During the 2016 Republican primary season, Trump overcame more than 12 seasoned opponents to earn the Republican nomination, then went on to defeat presidential Candidate hillary Clinton in the general election. “Make America Great Again” was his campaign slogan, and he moved quickly to revitalize “Buy American, Hire American” initiatives. He passed a large tax reform measure into law and also directed the lowering of federal rules in order to maintain the economy’s long-term expansion and record low unemployment rate (Goodbye Trump Meme).

His trade policy favored taxes on imported aluminum and steel, as well as a series of trade renegotiations between Canada, Japan, China, Mexico & South Korea.

As People on twitter bid farewell to the Trumps, these are some of the best memes:

Melania Trump landed in Florida wearing an orange gown and declined to pose for photos. Many on media platforms suggested that Melania Trump’s absence from the White House was a relief for her, who has been called the Reluctant First Lady and has been less than enamored with life in the spotlight at times.

Rihanna, a pop artist and entrepreneur, made a snide remark about leaving. “I’m simply here to help,” she captioned a photo of herself putting out the garbage.

Goodbye Trump Meme
Best of Goodbye Trump Meme

Her hashtag, #WeDidItJoe, was inspired by Vp Kamala Harris’s ecstatic phone call to Vice President Joe Biden following their election victory.

Nobody could believe we’d all made it this far in this presidency’s four years:

Regardless, despite Trump’s best attempts to claim “fraud” in the 2020 election, folks were simply relieved that it was over:

Some even hoped that Trump would now be held accountable for what he has done:

Others were a little more tenacious:

Trump’s impending departure has been compared to Christmas Eve by one person.

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