Goodbye Trump Meme: Funny, Creative, Magical

Goodbye Trump Meme

As the web begins to anticipate President Donald Trump exiting the Executive Mansion in Jan, memes and parodies have sprung out in response to his irrational reaction to the election results (Goodbye Trump Meme). During a media briefing, Trump made several bogus assertions about voting fraud and corruption, to the point where various news networks … Read more

Purple Aesthetic Wallpaper: Ideas, Look, Creative

Purple Aesthetic Wallpaper

PURPLE AESTHETIC WALLPAPER: INTRO Purple is the colour that is the shade between the red and blue, aesthetic wallpaper. purple colours present the royalty, versatility, and sophistication. This colour is quite impressive. Purple creates a harmonious balance between the peace and awareness. It fosters the creativity. One of the most interesting things about purple is … Read more