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Nothing beats a good ghost story, and there are many of them on the planet, including reports of UFO sightings in Transylvania, murders on fancy cruise ships, and ghosts roaming the corridors of British castles. You can always find some sort of eerie monument wherever you go, along with a ghost tour to go with it.

Here are the top haunted houses

Winchester Mystery House, California’s San Jose Haunted House Aesthetic Winchester Rifles owner Sarah Winchester went to a spiritual medium after her young daughter and husband passed away. The wealthy socialite was informed by the psychic that the early fatalities were a result of vengeful ghosts who had been slaughtered by Winchester rifles; it was now up to Sarah to construct a house big enough to keep them all. Soon after moving to sunny, roomy San Jose, California, Sarah packed her bags and started working nonstop on what would eventually be referred to as the Winchester Mystery House for the next 38 years. This strange and unsettling home is filled with hidden corridors, upside-down columns, staircases that lead nowhere, and closed-off rooms.

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Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand: Haunted House Aesthetic

As the lone castle in New Zealand, Larnach Castle is unrivalled. The elegant palace is situated in Dunedin, New Zealand, on the Otago Peninsula, and is encircled by foggy gardens on all sides. In the late 1800s, a politician by the name of William Larnach constructed the sumptuous castle. Larnach is said to have seen his daughter and two spouses die at the house before sadly committing suicide there. Larnach’s ghost is thought to guard the castle and is the prime suspect in a number of strange occurrences, such as lightening strikes, smoke wafting into the chamber from the fireplace, and doors opening by themselves.

Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica: Haunted House Aesthetic

On Jamaica’s northern coast, Rose Hall is a stunning Georgian plantation close to Montego Bay. The expansive sugar cane fields on the plantation, which a man by the name of John Palmer established in the 1770s, were kept up by hundreds of slaves. Following their marriage, John’s English-born wife Annie poisoned him to death so she might inherit his plantation and wealth. Because Annie used voodoo, tortured employees, murdered her second and third husbands, and experimented with wicked magic, Rose Hall slaves gave her the nickname “White Witch.” After being tortured for years, Annie killed one of the slaves’ relatives out of hatred. The White Witch Is supposed to still torment visitors to the rebuilt property (and 54-hole golf course) even though she is buried on the grounds in a stone mausoleum.

Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

The Green Lady, a well-known ghost, resides in the Château de Brissac, the highest castle in all of France. A fortress for the nobility, the massive castle was constructed in the eleventh century but restored during the Renaissance. The Green Lady, also known as la Dame Verte, is thought to be the spectre of Charlotte de Brêzé, the spouse of Jacques de Brêzé, the owner of the castle. Once Jacques supposedly saw Charlotte having an affair, he killed both Charlotte and her partner. The tower room and chapel, where ghostly moaning may be heard in the early morning hours, are still haunted by Charlotte today. Her ghost is rumoured to wear a green outfit and, most ominously, with holes for eyes and a nose in her face.

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