Long Stiletto Nails

Many young women prefer long stiletto nail as they would outstretch the look of the fingers and nails. Stiletto nails are the nails which are quite sharp and pointed. Long stiletto nail can be eye captivating as they have a slender structure as they narrow down to the end of the nail. They are often confused with almond nails since they look similar in terms of appearance.

African Stiletto Long Nails

Although, it is noted that long stiletto nails have been around since ages. At first, they were seen on African ancestors on multiple paintings and sculptures. Yet these nails are popular right now, they have been worn since the 1920s. It is quite amazing to say, they haven’t lost their fashionability and still are in the frame.

Celebrities With Long Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto nails have been popularized by many celebrities. Cardi B, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and so on never fail to rock these nails at times. Stiletto nail has become an eye-catching piece of their outfit.

Long Stiletto Nails
Impact of Long Stiletto Nail

Lately, kylie jenner and some of the kardashians are flaunting their stiletto nail every now and then on instagram. Multi colored french tips are kylie’s go-to! Not gonna forget, saweetie’s iconic long red stiletto nails for her latest instagram post still dates to be iconic.

Precautions While Getting Long Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails have a very sharp edge towards the end. They are extremely pointy. One has to be mindful while wearing them. Day to day activities might be challenging with these nails but overtime, it will be easier. It is advised to not let long stiletto nail near your eyes or sensitive parts as it can result in injuries. It is important to sanitise hands often too but got to be careful around the nails.

Long Stiletto Nails
Class of Long Stiletto Nail design

These nails are not recommended for women who find themselves in a workplace where physical energy is needed.

Stiletto Nail Kinds

Long stiletto nails are not considered to be elegant or sophisticated but more of trendy. They are feminine as they are long and sharper at the end. If one is going for a stiletto look for their natural nail, it is not realistic and practical. For stilettos on natural nails, one needs to decrease the enormous amount of nail at the end and it is not practical to opt for a different nail shape the next time they would like to get their nails done! Although, they can last much longer if they are perfectly taken care of!

These come in various kinds just like every other nail like press on, acrylic, gel and so on.

Long stiletto nail can be mattified for the classy look. Or if one is feeling fancy, glitter with gradient finish is a perfect choice. A combination of gloss and rhinestones doesn’t sound bad. They are great for an evening party! One can achieve French nail with stiletto shaped nail too! White coating the tips of stiletto nail and topping off with some gloss finish might do that.

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