Maroon Nails

One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to have your nails painted. It allows you to select your favourite colours, experiment with them, and be creative. While there are many new colours on the market, burgundy nail polish is one of our favourites, especially in the fall and winter. It has timeless colours and a lovely effect when combined with other colours. Burgundy nails, like red lips, are timeless (Maroon Nails).

Nails in Burgundy: Maroon Nails

To begin with, burgundy nails are not too eye-catching, but they are also not too dull to go unnoticed. They have a good balance and are suitable for most occasions. With so many different nail colour shades available, it can be difficult to choose the right one! When in doubt, choose classy, elegant colours such as blood red, warm brown, burnt orange, or burgundy.

When you’re not sure which colour to choose, these colours will come in handy. There are numerous shades of burgundy, including maroon, auburn, wine, sangria, mahogany, and rosewood. If you want to rock the burgundy nail design trend, any of these colours will do the trick.

Nails In Dark: Maroon Nails

The colour maroon is similar to the colour burgundy. There isn’t much of a difference between the two colours. Certainly, maroon is darker than burgundy, and burgundy has a bluish tinge. Maroon nail designs are appropriate for brides and bridesmaids.

These are also ideal for formal occasions. If you want to make a statement, try maroon nail art designs.

Nails In Wine Color: Maroon Nails

Wine, ruby, crimson, and scarlet are some colours that are similar to burgundy. Because wine is a dark colour, try pairing it with metallic colours like gold or blue at the tips of your nails.

Maroon Nails
Best of Maroon Nails

Alternatively, you can match the shade to the colour of your dress.

Burgundy Matte Nails: Maroon Nails

If you like burgundy nails but don’t want them to stand out too much, matte burgundy nail paint is a great option. It is, without a doubt, the best for office parties!

Nail Art In Burgundy

Burgundy nails are not only timeless, but they are also on trend right now! Of course, dark coloured nail art would stand out and enhance the overall look. Nail art ideas include burgundy nail art with gold and rhinestone embellishments, 3D designs, and unique patterns with different colours.

Nails In Gold And Burgundy

Gold crystals, rhinestones, and gold nail paint look fantastic with the burgundy nails. To keep it subtle, try a sleek horizontal or vertical line with gold metallic nail paint on top of burgundy nails.

Nails in maroon and gold

This is one of my favourite combinations, and I play with it frequently. There are numerous maroon nail designs to try, especially for weddings. Maroon nails with a gold metallic colour at the cuticles, geometric patterns with a gold matte shade, or a gold gradient in the centre are all options.

Similarly, for a party look with gold and burgundy nails, try shimmery gold on two nails and burgundy on the rest. Alternatively, you can try different patterns with gold on all of the nails and a crystal on each.

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