Padmavathi Ghattamaneni

The sibling of Tollywood celebrity Mahesh Babu is a politician by the name of Padmavathi Ghattamaneni. Tamil Nadu’s Chennai is where Padmavathi was born. Padmavathi began her career in the Telugu entertainment sector. Tamil, Telugu, & Hindi are just a few of the languages in which her work has been published.

Padmavathi Ghattamaneni: Early Life

Padmavathi was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on September 6, 1967. Padmavathi will be 55 years old in 2022. Ghattamaneni’s sign is the Virgo. Padmavathi has a bachelor’s in the arts. In Chennai, Padmavathi attended ‘Ethiraj College for Women’.

Career of Padmavathi Ghattamaneni

Up to March 31, 2017, Padmavathi Ghattamaneni served as the MD of Mangal Industries. Padmavathi was chosen as a new non-executive director of Mangal Industries on January 6, 2018. Later, Padmavathi rose to the position of managing director of ‘Amara Raja Media & Entertainment Private Limited’, an entertainment company. Ghattamaneni made her producing debut in 1990 with the Telugu-language movie “Balachandrudu” produced by Padmalaya Studios. Hero, a second Telugu-language movie she produced in 2022, was done so under the banner of ‘Amara Raja Media & Entertainment Private Limited’.

With the actress Nidhhi Agerwal, Padmavathi’s son Ashok Galla was given the part of Arjun, the movie’s lead character. Originally, Padmavathi belonged to the Indian National Congress, but she later switched to the Telugu Desam Party. Padmavathi ran for the Lok Sabha in 2019 from the Guntur Parliamentary District No. 13 seat.

Padmavathi Ghattamaneni’s Family Background

Padmavathi’s mum, Indira Devi, a housewife, died on September 28, 2022, in Hyderabad’s AIG Hospital from illness. Her dad, Krishna Ghattamaneni, a veteran Telugu artist, died on November 15, 2022, from a cardiac arrest. Padmavathi has two brothers; Mahesh Babu, a well-known Indian actor, and Ramesh Babu, an artist & producer who passed away in 2022 from a liver condition. A politician, actor, and social activist by the name of Naresh Babu is her stepbrother.

Padmavathi Ghattamaneni

Padmavathi Ghattamaneni’s Marriage with Jayadev Galla

On June 26, 1991, Jay wed Padmavathi Ghattamaneni, a famous Telugu film actor Krishna’s daughter. Siddharth Galla & Ashok Galla are their two kids. Mahesh Babu, a Telugu actor, is his brother-in-law, and they are rumored to be quite close. Indian politician and businessman Jay Galla resides in India.


Farmer Gopi Krishna of Tavanampalli’s Diguvamagam village filed a complaint in 2021 accusing Jayadev Galla, Padmavathi Galla, Aruna Kumari Galla, Galla Ramchandra Naidu, and other people of stealing Gopi’s farmland in Thavanampalle Mandal, Andhra Pradesh, and using it to build structures for the Rajanna trust. Gopi transferred the matter to a neighborhood court two months later. The police were instructed by the local court to file a lawsuit against Galla Jayadev, his family, and other individuals.

Padmavathi Ghattamaneni


  • Padmavathi gave 10 lakhs to the ‘Corona welfare fund’ for movie workers in 2020.
  • As per Padmavathi, she was motivated to enter the film industry by her family members, which is how she came to produce the 2022 movie “Hero.”
  • Other aliases for Padmavathi Ghattamaneni include  G. Padmavathi, Padma Galla or Padmavathi Devi Galla.
  • Padmavathi’s closest family members call her Padma with affection.

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